Output Report

  • highlights CSQ's achievements and contributions to the industry over the previous ATP year 


2018 Major Projects Pipeline Report

  • QMCA, CSQ & IAQ developed the report to provide deep insights into major projects in our state
  • includes commentary on the challenges and implications for the building and construction industry

Annual Training Plan 2017-18

  • details CSQ’s funding priorities for skills investment and service delivery for 2017-18
  • produced following extensive consultation with industry, government and other stakeholders


Annual Training Plan At a Glance 2017-18

  • a handy 2 page summary of the 2017-18 Annual Training Plan

Women in Construction Report 2018

  • details CSQ’s findings into women in the construction industry
  • includes an assessment of the current issues and how we can work towards changing these issues as an industry in the years to come


Women in Construction Report 2018 At a Glance 

  • a handy 2 page summary of the findings in the Women in Construction Report

Industry Outlook 2017-18

  • underpins the Annual Training Plan by providing data and evidence
  • ​includes assessment of the prospects for key construction sectors and the pipeline of workers needed for the future

Apprentice Annual 2017

  • provides a range of indicators around the industry’s health and long term trends of demand for apprentices and trainees, demographics, occupations
  • special completion rates feature
    Apprentice Annual 2017: At a glance
  • a handy 2 page summary of the 2017 Apprentice Annual

The Farsight Report

  • developed with CSIRO

  • examines the future of construction and skilling

  • discusses critical trends and four potential future scenarios for our construction workforce


Output Report

  • highlights CSQ's achievements and contributions to the industry over the last year


Workforce Demands: Commonwealth Games

  • provides guidance for industry and career seekers

  • provides evidenced-based observations of the workforce profile across the Gold Coast and associated regions


Regional Profiles

  • provides an overview of regional activity and forecasts of activity for next 12 months
  • valuable for both employers and workers/career seekers


2017 Major Projects Pipeline Report Update

  • QMCA, CSQ & IAQ's mid-term snapshot on the outlook for major engineering construction projects in Queensland

UDIA Research Foundation

  • CSQ has joined forces with UDIA (Qld) to launch The Research Foundation.
  • Key resources include the Regional Radar with the latest sales and rent figures and affordability index and On The Radar which reviews the scale, location and form of residential development

Strategic Plan

  • provides three year business plan

  • outlines CSQ’s vision, purpose and goals, and how we work with industry

  • explains how we measure our success

This information is correct as at: 6/20/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.