Who is CSQ?
Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent (non-government) industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry.
How does CSQ help workers in the construction industry?
CSQ receives funding by an independent training levy in order to subsidise training costs and support workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry. More>
Where does the money come from? 
CSQ is funded by a statutory training levy established under the Building and Construction Industry Act 1991. The levy is charged on Queensland construction projects worth greater than $150,000, where CSQ receives 0.1% of the cost of the construction project that we use to subsidise training and skilling costs. More>
Are the courses through CSQ free?
CSQ provides funding towards training and skilling for current workers and career seekers in the building and construction industry. The courses are not free, but CSQ will help to subsidise the costs with an aim to cover 75% of the total cost of short courses, Higher Level Skills (HLS), and Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT). CSQ does not control what an RTO charges to undertake a course, but CSQ’s funding contribution is consistent across all RTO’s. More>
Does CSQ run the courses?
CSQ does not conduct training or run the courses ourselves, but rather works with RTO’s all over Queensland who provide training and skilling. To check what courses are offered and which RTOs CSQ has partnered with, please navigate through our Course Selector Tool.


How do I hire an apprentice or trainee?
If you are an employer in the Queensland building and construction industry looking to develop your workforce or employ an apprentice or trainee, CSQ provides information and guidance to assist you in connecting to organisations that support career seekers. More>
How do I become an apprentice? 
CSQ funds a variety of programs to assist those looking for a start in the building and construction industry, with a number of resources available to help you find the right career. More>
I'm thinking of a career in construction. How do I know it's for me?
There are over 70 careers in construction from general construction, civil construction, para professional and professional pathways. CSQ offers a variety of resources to help you find the right career. More>
Is there a list of trades available in the construction industry?
There are a broad range of careers available in the building and construction industry – with a snapshot available here to discover which on could be right for you.


How much money will CSQ contribute towards my training course?
The amount of money contributed varies depending on the course and the RTO, but CSQ’s funding contribution is consistent across all RTO’s with an aim to cover 75% of the total costs. For a full list of courses, please visit CSQ's Program Course List 2018/19.
How do I search courses?
All available CSQ funded courses can be found by navigating through our Course Selector Tool on the website or through our Program Course List 2018/19.
What are short courses?
Short Courses are individual competencies and skills sets designed for workers wanting to update their skills and knowledge, meet compliance requirements, or diversify their skills. The Short Courses program provides funding to assist with upskilling and cross skilling workers in the building and construction industry.
What is the Higher Levels Skills program (HLS)?
The Higher Level Skills program (HLS) is targeted to existing workers in the building and construction industry to assist in career development and to gain new skills and knowledge. The HLS program provides nationally accredited qualifications including Certificate IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.
What is Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT)?
The Skills Assessment and Gap Training program assesses your current skills gained from on-the-job experience and provides the gap training you need to attain a nationally recognised qualification.
Who can help me if I have questions? 
For more information please contact our Customer Support Centre on 1800 798 488 or email us at info@csq.org.au and we can answer your question or put you in touch with the right person.


What is the Annual Training Plan (ATP)?
The Annual Training Plan details CSQ’s funding priorities for skills investment and service delivery in 2018-19.
How is the ATP formed and how can I be involved?
The programs and services in the ATP are shaped by extensive and ongoing consultation with industry and associated stakeholders together with an evaluation of CSQ’s programs and service delivery, forecast activity in the sector and workforce supply.
To be involved in contributing to the ATP visit our website csq.org.au or call
1800 798 488. More>
What is Farsight?
The Farsight project is a world-first study into the future of construction, and what the industry may look like in 20 years. CSQ collaborated with CSIRO to outline what this means for jobs and skills in the building and construction industry.
What information resources do you have for industry?
CSQ analyses industry trends and conducts extensive research into the building and construction industry in Queensland, with a number of publications and resources available on our website for industry.
What is Try'a Trade and how do I get involved?
Try’a Trade is where students can try a number of trades and learn more about career options in the construction industry. A list of the events being held in 2017 can be found on our website.


As a training provider – how do I find out about the procurement process?
The procurement of RTO services are managed through a competitive purchasing strategy, based on an annual invitation-to-offer process. All RTOs wanting to do business with CSQ must apply online to receive RTS status. More>
What are Ready for Work Kits and how do I order them?
Ready for Work Kits are supplied to CSQ schools, RTOs delivering CSQ Pre-Apprenticeship programs and in Major Projects pre-employments programs. Each kit contains Personal Protective Equipment and access to an online e-book, required for Structure Workplace Learning.
Only RTO’s or other approved providers delivering an eligible program under a contract, MOU or agreement with CSQ can order Ready for Work Kits via the Ready for Work Kit order form.


I have a media enquiry. Who can I contact?
For all media enquiries please email media@csq.org.au
I have a sponsorship enquiry. Who can I contact?
For all sponsorship enquiries please email events@csq.org.au
I have a marketing or events enquiry. Who can I contact? 
For all general marketing or events enquiries please email events@csq.org.au
This information is correct as at: 1/16/2019. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.