Careers in Construction

Thinking about a career in construction?

Wise choice!  The Building and Construction Industry accounts for just over 10% of Queensland's workforce, providing excellent opportunities for those willing to get stuck in and give it a go.

Here are some reasons to join our industry:
  1. On-the-job learning
  2. Opportunity to work on different sites across Queensland
  3. Work with your mates
  4. Try different trades and learn new skills
  5. Be part of a dynamic industry 
  6. Gain experience on major projects
  7. Become your own boss

What are some career options in the industry?

With over 70 careers in construction from general construction, civil construction, para professional and professional pathways, there’s sure to be one that’s just right for you.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, Master Builders and Australian Apprenticeships Pathways have great information available to help you get started in the building and construction industry. 

There are also a number of resources available on our useful links and phone numbers page to see what's available and help you find the right career.

How does CSQ support careers in construction?

CSQ funds a variety of programs to assist those looking for a start  in the building and construction industry, the Future Workers section of the website outlines relevant programs and initiatives available to career seekers, these include:

Are there any other options?

You'll just need to get a White Card, which is a general construction induction card (formally known as the blue card), is issued to a person who successfully completes training and assessment in the unit of competency - CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry. You need it to get onto a construction site in Queensland.

Work experience will help you get noticed.
  • Employers tell us they value voluntary work experience as this gives both employer and volunteer the chance to ‘try before you buy’
  • Use your network of family and friends to find someone willing to give you some work experience.  Sometimes who you know is as important as what you know.  This is your ‘Foot in the door!’
  • Sell yourself. Find an area of high construction activity and door knock or register with your local labour hire company. 
  • Be willing to work in any trade anywhere; there is no better opportunity to show your work ethic than by working alongside potential employers!

 TIP! Remember the 3Ps

  • Presentable: Be dressed ready for work
  • Polite: You are talking to someone who doesn’t know you; first impressions count!
  • Punctual: Being on time is acceptable, being early is better!
For more information contact us on 1800 798 488 and ask to speak with one of our Pre-Trade Engagement Officers.

To discover all the other CSQ funded programs, eligibility and courses available in your location - for new and existing building and construction industry workers and employers please use our Course Selector Tool.

If you are looking for a job

CSQ do not provide job search or employment assistance, however please see the useful links and phone numbers section to connect with job search websites.

If you have an overseas qualification and need to get it recognised here

CSQ does not provide funding for this as outlined in each CSQ program eligibility criteria and definitions. However please see the useful links and phone numbers section to find organisations that may be able to help.

Real life stories

If you are interested in hearing first hand about current apprentices and the qualifications that you need for careers in building and construction, and where an apprenticeship can take you - check out some these videos.
This information is correct as at: 1/16/2019. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.