Try'a Trade

Try'a Trade is a CSQ initiative run through schools aimed at raising the awareness of construction as a viable career option. Each year a selection of schools are invitied to send students along to an interactive
program that lets attendees try their hand
at various skill and trade areas.

Introductory Try’a Trade
Introductory Try’a Trade allows students the opportunity to do just that – try a trade – and find the one that could be right for them. 
During the day students will have the opportunity to try a number of trades including carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, plastering, tiling and bricklaying. (trades offered vary location to location).

The activities are informative and offer access to some of the basic skills involved within the construction industry. Students also gain invaluable career advice from apprentices, trainers, local employers and industry representatives.
Who can participate?
Introductory Try’a Trade events are aimed at developing the skills of the next generation. The target audience for this event is Year 10 students. Where possible this event has been scheduled prior to subject selection for Years 11 & 12.

When is the next Try'a Trade being held?
Try'a Trade events are held throughout Queensland from March. 

How can I find out more or book?
For more information or to book your students into the Introductory Try’a Trade event please contact

Do you have information for students?
Sure. Everything students who have been invited to attend a Try'a Trade session can be found on our website.
This information is correct as at: 1/16/2019. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.