Construction Futures

Construction Futures provides CSQ with the opportunity to partner with stakeholders to research and trial innovative skills and new, changed or improved workforce development responses that may be able to assist the industry to adapt to new technologies, new products and new processes or concepts. 

Pilot projects offer the opportunity to test innovative responses on a small scale and assess the suitability for broader industry adoption.
Technology is transforming where we live and how we work and interact.  It is also re-shaping the workplace, the business models that are adapted and the way in which work is organised.  Within this setting individuals and employers need to make critical decisions about investment in skills which will impact upon future individual employability and earnings potential, as well as future business growth, productivity and sustainability.
These projects:

  • build the capacity of the industry to respond to new and emerging technologies, work methodologies and practices
  • have application across the industry or an industry sector, not just a single enterprise
  • are new ones that cannot be met through core CSQ funded programs, and
  • maximise the opportunity for leveraging and co-investment of funds, resources and goodwill between parties where possible.
CSQ’s role in this space may include:
  • signposting and facilitating discussions with other stakeholders to progress innovative research or projects
  • participating in collaborative research or project partnerships through a strategic stakeholder engagement approach
  • contributing to other projects operating and funded outside of CSQ, and
  • funding specific projects that align to CSQ strategic aims.
CSQ will not consider projects that:
  • involve the development of proprietary training materials or products, unless CSQ determines that the materials or products have broad application across the construction industry and the applicant agrees to develop the material on behalf of CSQ.  In such instances, CSQ will retain the Intellectual Property rights to the material and may then make this material broadly available to others in the industry
  • request funding for the development of privately held physical assets or fittings
  • can be considered under an existing CSQ program, or
  • are not targeted specifically for the building and construction workforce.

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