Industry Skills Coordination Program

About the Industry Skills Coordination Program

The Industry Skills Coordination Program seeks to increase the skilling capability and capacity of the building and construction industry through the provision of funding to targeted organisations for workforce planning and skills development.

The Industry Skills Coordination Program (formerly called the Workforce Coordinators Program) leverages the capabilities and capacity of industry stakeholders. It extends CSQ’s access and reach into industry, by providing funding to external organisations to deliver a range of skilling and workforce planning and development services and activity in:
  • Industry Associations, both employee-based and employer-based - providing coordinated sectoral and occupational based intelligence, engagement, and industry-wide training needs analysis.
  • Enterprise Organisations engaged in targeted major projects or major programs of work - providing significant opportunity to build upon the skills and capacity throughout the supply chain of building and construction sub-contractors, business and workforce associated.
  • Regional and Remote Areas as identified by CSQ, including Indigenous communities – delivering coordinated regional skills development and assisting CSQ to understand the community and regional workforce needs.
The Industry Skills Coordination Program will be important in informing the industry on best practice to facilitate industry-wide skilling improvements in retention, safety, productivity and innovation. The services and activities under the program will ensure that CSQ can monitor state-wide industry skilling profiles to identify and guide localised workforce planning, development and training strategies across the industry.

Continual skills development not only provides a clear picture of business capability, it also provides a career path for employees, allows employers to address skills deficiencies and generally boosts business productivity.

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This information is correct as at: 12/15/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.