Major Projects

CSQ is committed to providing targeted major projects with access to building and construction related training. 

How we can help you
We know that when you’re running a construction project there’s a lot to co-ordinate to get everything done on time and on budget and the last thing you need is a skills shortage.

​CSQ’s experienced team work alongside your project team to:

  • implement strategic training and employment programs to help achieve project objectives
  • identify any potential skills shortages for the project and provide meaningful solutions
  • assist individuals to become more multi-skilled and productive
  • provide career pathway opportunities for the workforce
  • help principal contractors identify project-specific training through the development of a training needs analysis (TNA).
  • provide funding solutions to address the project's specific needs identified in the TNA 
  • provide ongoing support for training and skilling requirements.
This targeted funding approach allows each major project to focus on their own needs without impacting on the already procured programs through the registered training organisations in the same region.

For more information and to learn how CSQ can help with your major project email or call us on 1800 798 488.

Our workforce planning process

Previous Projects
The following are of some of the Major Projects we have directly supported across a range of sectors within the industry:
Civil Infrastructure  Building
  • 1 William Street (Commercial)
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital (Social)
  • Parklands Village (Urban Renewal)
 Heavy Engineering
  • Curtis Island LNG Program (CSG-LNG)
  • Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (Coal)
  • Townsville Port Inner Harbour Expansion (Marine)
This information is correct as at: 12/15/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.