Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT)

About the Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT) program

Experience counts, particularly when it’s formally recognised.  If members of your general or civil construction workforce have learnt their skills on the job but don’t hold a formal qualification, perhaps Skills Assessment and Gap Training (SAGT) is right for them.
It will make a difference to their future and to yours too. With trained and skilled workers in your team, your business can become more competitive and productive.  
The first stage of SAGT will see your worker’s skills and abilities ‘mapped’ against a nationally recognised qualification. They will then go on to undertake gap training required to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Who is eligible to participate and what qualifications might I be able to achieve?

Use our Course Selector Tool to:

1. Find what courses are available under SAGT General Construction or SAGT Civil Construction
2. Select the course you are interested in
3. Check the eligibility criteria and maximum funding contribution for the program

4. Find contact details for RTOs delivering the course you are interested in, in the right location for you.

How does funding work?

CSQ contributes towards the cost of courses.
CSQ funding is paid directly to the contracted Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as a contribution towards the cost of services to reduce the cost to participants. Participants are expected to contribute towards the cost of training. The RTO will assess your eligibility for funding and will advise you of the costs you will need to meet.

Next steps

All training is delivered through our contracted RTOs.  If you think a course in this program might be suitable for one of your current workers and they meet the eligibility criteria, contact a contracted RTO delivering the course you are interested in.
You'll need to get in quick as places are limited. Our funding period commences annually in October.
This information is correct as at: 12/15/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.