Trade Start

About the Trade Start program

A person’s ability to develop new skills, knowledge and abilities is reliant upon them being offered a wide range of environments in which to learn.
Trade Start includes a structured workplace learning component that provides those with no construction industry experience the opportunity to learn about the general and civil construction industries and to acquire employability skills by completing 160 hours of industry placement.
You can volunteer to take on a Trade Start participant for their structured workplace learning. It provides you with the opportunity to make a difference to the future of our industry by providing an opportunity for an individual to gain ‘real world’ industry experience. It also provides you with first-hand knowledge of the participant’s skills and the option to sign them to an apprenticeship or traineeship upon completion of the program.

Who is eligible to participate and what qualifications might a participant be able to achieve?

Use our Course Selector Tool to:

1. Find what courses are available under Trade Start General Construction  or Trade Start Civil Construction
2. Select the course you are interested in
3. Check the eligibility criteria and maximum funding contribution for the program

4. Find contact details for RTOs delivering the course you are interested in around your area.

How does funding work?

CSQ provides a funding allocation per eligible participant, paid directly to RTOs contracted to deliver Trade Start. This is to cover the full cost of services provided to participants; therefore, participants must not be charged for services and/or materials by the RTO.

Next steps?

If you would like to host a Trade Start participant for their Structured Workplace Learning (SWL), please use our Course Selector tool to find a contracted RTO delivering this program and contact them directly.
There is no obligation to offer employment to the participant after the Trade Start SWL is completed. 
If you know of someone who wants to participate in Trade Start, go online and visit the for career seekers section to find out more about the program.

Participant Declaration Form

The Trade Start programs require the completion of the participant declaration form as part of the Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) componet of the program. This form is included in the Trade Start Handbook, and is available below to download and print.


This information is correct as at: 12/15/2018. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.