Apprentice Advance+ Program

Apprentices and trainees can get *free career boosting training from 1 October 2019. The Apprentice Advance+ program offers *free additional training to eligible apprentices and trainees to boost their skills and career prospects.

Find out if you are eligible for the AA+ funding here.

Launched in this year’s Annual Training Plan, the program covers the training costs for eligible apprentices and trainees to:

  • undertake key training to complement the skills they are developing, and
  • access higher level training and short courses for 12 months after they have completed their apprenticeship or traineeship.


This targeted support will help apprentices and trainees to:

  • gain licenses essential to their future work that fall outside of their apprenticeship or traineeship training
  • be competitive in the market by broadening their skill set
  • transition from apprentice to tradesperson, licensee and business owner.

CSQ is  committed to working with industry to continue to improve apprentice completion rates in Queensland. This commitment resulted in the development of the Apprentice Advance+ program.


* Free means that CSQ will cover the full cost of training (as set by CSQ) so that eligible participants do not pay training fees. NB. participants may incur related costs to undertake training such as uniforms and equipment, travel and /or accommodation costs to attend training, text books and other study materials, and parking or transport costs (to attend training).