Mental health support & suicide prevention

The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Program aims to address mental health issues and decrease suicide rates of workers in the Queensland building and construction industry.

Mental health and suicide are serious issues within the construction industry.

MATES in Construction (MIC) information shows that construction workers are 71 per cent more likely to consider suicide than people in other industries. Sadly, the practical nature of our industry lends itself to workers bottling up their feelings and finding physical solutions to their pain and problems, rather than seeking help.

CSQ has been a proud supporter of MIC for over ten years. Their dedication to improving mental health support for our workers has resulted in:

  • the training of more than 10,000 construction volunteers
  • their mental health program working across more than 1,500 construction sites
  • over 5,000 at-risk workers accessing personal help and turning their lives around

2018-19 marks the beginning of a specialised Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Program for CSQ that sees an increased funding commitment of $500,000. This allocation will deliver further suicide prevention and mental health initiatives to the building and construction industry

If you, or someone you know, needs someone to talk to, call MATES in Construction on their National Helpline: 1300 642 111. It’s open 24/7 and all help is free and confidential.