Regional Profiles

CSQ’s Regional Profiles monitor the pulse of the construction industry across Queensland. You will find a summary of our outlook for construction activity in each region, as well as key indicators around the health of the workforce and apprentices.
The outlook across Queensland is mainly positive. Most of the pain associated with the downturn in mining-related construction is now behind us, and most regions this year will commence their return to positive growth, albeit modest in many regions.
A big shift over the coming year will be the wind-down of the surge in apartment building that took hold of SEQ around 2013. This residential activity helped to cushion the landing from the collapse in mining construction, but it too is now coming to the end of its cycle.
Watch out for detached housing and public infrastructure as the next sources of growth.

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This information is correct as at: 1/16/2019. Please visit the website to view the most up-to-date information.