As construction activity heats up on the Gold Coast, a host of exciting new job opportunities are opening up to local career seekers.
The growing pipeline of construction activity on the Gold Coast includes The Parklands Project, the Commonwealth Games program of work, Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino renovations, Stage 2 of the Gold Coast Light Rail Project and the $970m Jewel development. The Queensland Government has also committed $160m for major Gold Coast road infrastructure upgrades.
With these major projects taking place, many career seekers may be wondering how they can get started in construction. To help aspiring tradies navigate their way into the industry, Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) has provided a list of seven top tips for gaining an apprenticeship.
Do your research
Do some research to ensure you understand what is involved in an apprenticeship before you enter the industry. Find out the duration of the apprenticeship, the length of the probation period, the award rate you will be paid and any funding you may be eligible for. Understand your obligations as an apprentice and the benefits you are entitled to.
Talk to people in the industry
According to CSQ CEO Brett Schimming, the best way to enter the construction industry is to start networking. 
“Talk to anyone in the construction industry and ask them for advice. If you don’t already know someone in the industry, pick up the phone and call local businesses. Most businesses are happy to give advice to those who show an interest in the construction industry,” Mr Schimming said.
Write a career plan
Once you have decided which trade pathway you wish to pursue, it is important to make a career plan mapping out the training organisations and employers you plan to contact. A plan will provide you with clear, achievable goals and help you to stay on track as you gain new skills and develop your career. Having a clear direction of where you want to go will ensure you stay motivated.
Look at pre-trade training programs
“If you need more experience in construction or would like to gain a better understanding of the industry, CSQ offers Trade Start. The program is designed for those who have already left school and provides a mix of theory and real world experience. Programs like Trade Start can provide the ideal pathway for beginning an apprenticeship,” Mr Schimming said.
Shop around for the right training organisation
Registered Training Organisations differ in where, when, and how their training is delivered. You can choose to study at a TAFE or private training organisation based on your needs, location and your preferred style of learning. Jump online to compare their different offerings.
Update your resume
Ensure that your resume is relevant, up-to-date, and highlights all skills, training and experiences that would be useful for the position you are interested in. Prepare a cover letter to include with your resume that explains why you want to work in the construction industry and your relevant experience.
Hunt for your apprenticeship
Once you have decided on the type of apprenticeship you are interested in, begin applying for apprentice positions. Ask people within the industry if they are willing to take on apprentices, browse websites and talk to trade associations. Apprenticeship centres and job placement organisations can also help you to find an apprenticeship and offer services such as resume proofing.
“With more than 70 different careers on offer, there are careers in construction to suit many different interests and talents. If you have good literacy and numeracy skills, a good work ethic and the right attitude, then this could be the industry for you,” Mr Schimming said.
Those interested in exploring a career in construction can find out more at or by contacting the CSQ Team on 1800 798 488.
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