CSQ is celebrating gender parity on its board for this first time with the appointment of new Director Sue-Ann Fresneda.

The CSQ board has committed to increasing the numbers of women working within building and construction industry.

In March, CSQ released its 2018 Women in Construction report which found that less than 3% of the jobs in the industry were occupied by women. The report also found that women make up only 1% of the top three trades; electricians, carpentry and plumbing.

Board Chair Michael Kinnane said the CSQ board was committed to attracting more women into the broader building and construction industry.

“Women are still reluctant to enter and stay in the construction industry despite new equipment removing the physical burdens once considered a major obstacle for women,” Mr Kinnane said.

“Our report found that the major obstacle now is in fact a cultural one – where women are rejecting the overtly masculine culture that they associate with this industry.

“The CSQ board has formally committed through our programs to supporting more women into construction and making this industry more attractive to females.

“Ensuring we have gender equality on our board means we are not just talking the talk, we are walking the walk.

“Having strong representation for women on boards, including on our board, can have a top down effect, and this is even more important in industries such as ours where gender ratios are heavily out of balance.

“And beyond this, research has shown that boards which score higher in equality and inclusion are more productive, so it’s great for our organisation,” he said.

Sue-Ann Fresneda has a background in construction and media. She is currently the Director of Business Development and Membership at Master Builders Queensland and is an ex General Manager of Operations at News Limited Queensland.