CSQ and the CSIRO hosted a symposium in Cairns yesterday to discuss the long term impact of technological changes in the local construction industry.

The event surfaced insights for The Farsight Project, a research study currently being undertaken by both organisations which is examining future trends in building and construction.
More than 30 industry experts attended the workshop including construction contractors, architects and engineers. 

During the workshop, representatives from CSQ and the CSIRO discussed some of the emerging technologies which are set to shape the role of construction workers over the next two decades. 

A key area of discussion was the evolution of training in the construction industry. Since 2002, the number of qualified tradespeople in Queensland has risen sharply and this trend is set to continue as construction work becomes increasingly specialised around diverse technologies.

Throughout the presentation, attendees were invited to share their own experiences of how the industry is changing on the ground in Cairns.

CSQ Director Evidence and Data Robert Sobyra said the workshop would help to validate research in The Farsight Project.

“It has been very beneficial to meet with members of the Cairns construction industry,” he said. 

“They have provided us with some valuable insights about the changes they are seeing in the industry.

“We are still gathering information for our report, but it is clear that technological shifts are already underway in Cairns and other regions across Queensland.”

The findings of The Farsight Project will be detailed in a report to be launched in May which will be available for all members of the industry.

Mr Sobyra said the report will provide a vital roadmap as the industry enters a new era.

“Rapid technological advancements, new building systems and the changing preferences of consumers will reshape what we build and how we build it,” he said.

“This has implications for construction workers and the skills and training needed in the future. These changes need to be foreseen, understood and managed so we can anticipate the challenges and maximise the opportunities.

“CSQ is committed to ensuring Queensland’s construction workforce has the cutting edge training and skills required to build the projects of the future.”

Symposiums will also be held in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Mackay.