Keegan Austin has not let location stand in the way of his career success.

Keegan knew since Year 11 that he wanted to work in the construction industry as he was not interested in university and his dad is in auto electrical. But career training options in his small home town of Chinchilla, west of Brisbane, were very limited.

Traveling almost 2 hours from Chinchilla to Kingaroy (for 10 weeks!) to TAFE in order to complete his apprenticeship with JPR highlights Keegan’s commitment to the job.

JPR is recognised for having such a great apprenticeship program which was communicated to Keegan through his school, Chinchilla State High.

“My school career counsellor advised me if I put more effort/picked up my grades that this program could be a great opportunity for me,” he says.

The JPR and CSQ partnership provides the opportunity for apprentices to upskill at a subsidised cost.

“I’ve also been able to do extra training while completing my apprenticeship such as EWP, working at heights, and Standard 11 to enable me to work on mining sites.”

Working remotely and being apart from the head office in Wacol is not an issue for Keegan thanks to the support that JPR provides.

“It is great to have that small-town atmosphere but with the support of working for a big business, it is more personal!” Keegan tells.

Keegan sees an ongoing future at JPR:

“My plan is to stay with JPR and focus on my trade and expand my knowledge as there are always new things to learn.”

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