National Safe Work Month is underway and CSQ is taking the opportunity to promote the vital role of safety in the construction industry.

CSQ has a number of training and skilling programs which can help you to manage risks and avoid potential hazards in your workplace.

A major focus of these programs is Abestos, a group of toxic mineral fibres that tradespeople may encounter in the workforce.  Prolonged exposure to Asbestos can have devastating long-term health impacts such as Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and lung cancer.

To help you to better understand and work safely with Asbestos, CSQ funds the following five Short Courses:

  • Working Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials (WSFACM001A)
  • Remove Friable Asbestos (CPCCDE3015A
  • Supervise Asbestos Removal (CPCCBC4051A
  • Remove Non-Friable Asbestos (CPCCDE3014A
  • Asbestos General Awareness Training (AGAT)

Construction workers may be eligible to receive funding towards these CSQ Short Courses. 

To learn more about the courses available and the funding process visit