With just a few days remaining in National Safe Work Month, CSQ is urging construction industry employers to review their safety policies and procedures. 

Many building and construction workers are required to meet occupational licensing requirements to carry out their role in the workplace. Sometimes new requirements may be introduced or existing legislation may change.  

It is important that construction industry employers stay up to date with changes in regulations and take steps to ensure their workforce meets licensing and safety requirements.

CSQ understands the importance of maintaining a compliant workplace and invests in training and skilling to help employers comply with safety regulations.

Through the CSQ Short Course Program, funding support may be available for workers undertaking a range of safety courses.

The CSQ website provides a list of accredited courses and RTO’s where funded training may be available.

For more information visit, http://www.csq.org.au/program?id=1 or contact us on 1800 798 488.