CSQ’s Training Plan allocates funding for programs and initiatives that support building and construction skills development and help to grow the industry.

We will invest more than $33.5 million in training and skilling initiatives to assist Queensland’s building and construction career seekers, apprentices, workers and employers over the next 12 months.

CSQ’s core programs

CSQ will continue to support industry workforce development needs with a focus on regions and occupations of strategic importance.

Our core programs focus on:

  • Industry of choice pathways
  • Planning for the workforce
  • Building industry capacity for success

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said evidence based decision making underpins CSQ’s policy development and program design.

“We’re now focusing on the regions in a much more precise way, with workforce analysis and planning building a clear picture of the occupations that will be strategically important in the future.

“CSQ recognises that workforce trends vary considerably across the state, so we have developed detailed regional plans to help us carefully target our skilling programs and investment.

In addition to changes in workforce demand, Mr Schimming said new technologies were starting to have an impact on the industry.

“We now have 3D printers, ‘cool bricks’ and increasingly sophisticated building software. New technology is enhancing project collaboration and we are designing better and building faster,” he said.

“There has also been a rapid increase in the number of buildings and dwellings using pre-fabricated components.

“We are straddling a technology gap, at one end of the spectrum we have a generation who have never been without a mobile phone, and at the other are those who never even touch a computer.

“This highlights how important it is to keep training and skilling throughout your career. You have to keep up to date with the changes. There will definitely be an increasing demand for specialist knowledge in the future.”

“As we continue to invest in skills we are training our future workforce.”

CSQ offers funding for a number of short courses which can help workers in the industry to upskill. For more information about CSQ programs and services visit www.csq.org.au or phone 1800 798 488.