Brett Schimming spoke to CEO Magazine about strengthening the building and construction sector and supporting employers, workers, apprentices, and job seekers.

Being a CEO has nothing to do with having an office and a desk. That'’s the view that Brett Schimming takes and applies to his role as the head of Construction Skills Queensland. “"I really believe that CEOs are about leading workforces and customer bases,"” he says. "“They'’re about being out there and connected. That is really important for me. My job every week, without fail, is to ensure I'’m not behind my desk. I am all about establishing and maintaining relationships through regular face-to-face and telephone contact.”"

Brett started his professional career as a secondary school teacher before moving into management. He pursued some work with the Queensland Government, while completing an MBA, and then went into the private sector. Following that, he managed an employment law firm and commenced study in the field of public policy. "“I have always had a continual interest in what I call the line that exists with the public and private sectors, as it is evolving,"” he notes. "“That has always been a background passion of mine— how to run the commercial ingredients that can be applicable in some settings to public sector environments."

After completing a masters in that area, he had a major career shift and became the CEO of the Queensland Harness Racing board, and followed that with a stint in the top spot at Biga Ltd, which was a company responsible for the group training of the construction industry workforce. Then, six years ago, he joined CSQ.

CSQ was established in 1998, and its objective is to foster, promote, encourage, advance, and assist in the acquisition and enhancement of the knowledge, skills, training, and education of people in the Queensland building and construction industry.

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