CSQ is working with industry to ensure a skilled workforce that meets the evolving needs of Queensland’s building and construction industry.

Taking an evidence-led approach ensures that CSQ funding and programs are targeted to meet the requirements of industry.

Central to this evidence is CSQ’s Regional Workforce Development Profiles.

Developed by our Evidence and Data Team, these Regional Workforce Development Profiles provide a detailed snapshot of each region that includes:

·        Regional demography
·        Construction activity
·        Business demography
·        Labour force demography
·        Training activity
·        Workforce planning gap analysis
·        Strategy

The evidence and data presented in these profiles have helped inform our operational plans, as outlined in our new Annual Training Plan 2015-16

How can the Regional Workforce Development Profiles help?

These Profiles assist industry by providing a better understanding of the current status, trends and likely future scenarios in the regions.

Businesses can use the Regional Workforce Development Profiles for evidence-led business planning, workforce planning, and for mapping out employee skilling and training commitments.

For individuals, the Profiles can assist with identifying a career path or career change with strong employment prospects in the future – so you can make informed decisions about relocation, training and skilling requirements.

CSQ is excited to share this information with industry and we welcome your feedback and consultation. Please let us know what you think by emailing research@csq.org.au

Download Regional Workforce Development Profiles:

·        Brisbane
·        Gold Coast
·        North Qld
·        Central QLD
·        Ipswich
·        Southwest QLD
·        Far North Queensland
·        Mackay
·        Sunshine Coast
·        Wide Bay