Brisbane carpenter Jeremy Lennon is a young man on a fast track to success in the construction industry as a strong advocate for sustainable building practices.
The 23-year-old McDowall resident was named Queensland’s Master Builders Apprentice of the Year in 2014 and has continued to make impressive strides in his career development.
He recently celebrated his 5th Anniversary with award-winning Master Builder business Eco Building Services based in Brendale where he completed his apprenticeship.
While working for the company Jeremy said he has built a solid foundation in carpentry with a focus on green building solutions.
“We use high-tech methods to design building solutions that are cleaner and greener than traditional building techniques,” he said.
 “Because we are a small crew, it allows us to work on projects in their entirety and I have gained hands on experiences in a variety of different tasks.”
Jeremy was first introduced to Eco Building Services Owner and Manager, Adrien Mamet, in 2010 through CSQ’s Pre Trade Engagement Officer, Glen Carey, as part of the schools program.
Starting in a one-day-a-week position, Jeremy made the most of his school-based apprenticeship and has become an essential member of the tight-knit team.
Through work experience, he gained the appropriate skills and knowledge to enter the construction industry and went on to secure a full-time position with Eco Building Services shortly after finishing high school.
Jeremy said the CSQ schools program was a huge help in linking high school students with employers in the general and civil construction sectors.
“I would not be where I am today without the CSQ schools program,” he said.
“The work opportunity to build skills, knowledge and experience was exactly what I needed to kick-start my career in construction.”

Eco Building Services Owner and Manager, Adrien Mamet, praised Jeremy for his desire to perfect his trade.
“Jeremy is extremely well-rounded and I would put him up there with any of the best carpenters. Most carpenters today are more specialists than full tradesmen but Jeremy has been exposed to all types of carpentry including joinery and shop fitting,” he said.
With a career spanning over 25 years in the residential and commercial building industry, Adrien
recognises the importance of teaching up-and-coming tradies through a practical, hands-on approach, while championing sustainability.
“It’s crucial to foster young people in the construction industry and to open their minds to eco-friendly solutions,” he said.
“For us, reducing our carbon footprint in supply and construction is as important as delivering a quality home.”
“We’re not like most construction businesses. We think outside the box. We look at low cost and low impact construction for a variety of uses in new ways.”
Jeremy is looking forward and setting new goals as a carpenter, with future plans to acquire a building license and become a supervisor.