The Australian Government’s Industry Skills Fund is now available to help Queensland businesses.

The fund supports businesses (particularly SMEs) to identify and undertake training which will help build a highly skilled workforce that can take advantage of business growth opportunities.

Businesses can apply for funding (on a co-contribution basis) to support a range of skills development activities, including both accredited and non-accredited training (the co-contribution rate depends on the size of the business, with smaller businesses receiving higher levels of support).

Eligible businesses can also be provided with Skills Advice to determine the most appropriate training solution to meet their business needs prior to submitting an application for funding.

The Skills Advice service provides tailored advice and recommendations and is delivered free of charge to eligible businesses through a nation-wide network of expert Skills Advisers.

  • One Queensland surveying business is using the fund to build its workforce capacity to win and manage larger contracts.
  • A local manufacturing company is using a grant to train its production managers on improving production line efficiency, allowing it to better compete with imported products.
  • A small professional services firm has used the fund to train staff in writing plain English scientific reports that are more easily translated for the overseas market it is pursuing.

For more information on the Industry Skills Fund visit  or call 13 28 46.