Meet eight of the best apprentices in Queensland right now… Judged top amongst their local peers, these eight Queenslanders have each been awarded the Master Builders title of Apprentice of the Year in their home region.

Master Builders (Queensland) has hosted numerous Housing and Construction Awards ceremonies across the State in recent weeks, unveiling a suite of regional winners, including the outstanding apprentice honours.

Each of the regional Apprentice of the Year winners will advance to the State awards competition, with one of these superstars to be named Queensland Apprentice of the Year at the MBA Housing and Construction State Awards gala event on October 12.

Congratulations and good luck to each these recent industry entrants – your future looks bright!

Regional Apprentice of the Year winner Judges’ comments:

Matthew King – Brisbane
Matthew is always the first person at site in the morning and gets straight into the day. Supervisors regularly request Matthew for their teams because they know he’s a consistent contributor with high standards and expectations.

Connor Sullivan – Gold Coast
One year into a degree in architecture at university, Connor was sure of two things. He wanted to work in construction but he did not want to be an architect. He started walking onto building sites to see if he could get an apprenticeship. This impressed Nathan from A & J Building Group who gave him a chance.

Chelsea Hayward – Downs & Western
Driven each day to build her knowledge and applying new methods learnt, Chelsea has shown hard work and unwavering dedication throughout her apprenticeship and has developed a passion for the trade.

Reece Cleeton – Sunshine Coast
Reece’s sporting pursuits provide an understanding of the competitive nature of our industry and his background in estimating ensures he understands the financial pressures that his employers face.

Rachel Ferricks – Central Qld
Rachel’s employer describes her as “exceptional” and showing the true value of what can be achieved with hard work and an eagerness to learn.

Hayden Wright – Mackay & Whitsunday
He has shown maturity in the industry well beyond his years. His attitude and application reflects his keen interest in all aspects of the industry. Hayden is the future of the building industry.

James Barrie – North Queensland
James has a good attitude on site. He is methodical and grasps the job component of his trade well. He is constantly being mistaken as trade qualified due to his ability and quiet confidence in the application to his work.

Robert Ketchell – Far North Qld
Robert displays excellent work ethic, industry knowledge and skills. Robert made his approach in late 2017, for a mature-aged Apprenticeship.

Construction Skills Queensland is proud to sponsor the Master Builders ‘Apprentice of the Year’ category and to support and encourage all new entrants to the industry.