A new special edition of CSQ’s Console Report has just been released, focusing on recent trends in the residential sector and the implications for training. 

Growth in the residential and commercial sectors is gaining more attention as the sector transitions away from resource related construction.

In addition to higher levels of activity, this period shows very strong growth in high density residential buildings (apartments, flats and units). 

The number of dwelling approvals increased more than 80% in 2013-14 from the previous year.  It is too early to confirm whether this growth will continue, but it highlights the mix of dwellings being built in response to demographic, policy and market factors.

The geographic profile of this growth in higher density activity shows a strong concentration in Brisbane, with medium and low density dwelling options dominating the mix in regional areas.

Growth in the residential sector may increase demand for occupations such as carpenters and joiners, plasterers, painting trades workers, concreters and plumbers.

There is good news for industry training, with an increase in activity in 2013.  This is the first increase in the number of active apprentices and trainees since 2008. 

The mix of training underway continues to reflect demand from resource related activity with a shift toward civil trades.  Growth in residential activity may change this composition in the future, focusing training back to general, electrical and plumbing trades.

To find out more you can download a copy of the Report from CSQ's website or click the link below.

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