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A Clayfield apprentice is building his own skilling career by gaining a unique dual qualification in the construction industry. 
Steven Webster, who holds a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture from Queensland University of Technology, will soon be a qualified carpenter to complement his tertiary qualifications.
The 26 year old is undertaking the fourth year of a carpentry apprenticeship with McNab, which he began immediately after completing his degree.
While many graduates would be daunted by the prospect of beginning a trade so soon after finishing their degree, Steven said it was an easy decision.
“During my degree I decided that I wanted to get the most experience I could in the construction industry and become a more well-rounded architect.
“I wanted to not only be able to design a building, but also have the confidence that it could be built.
“It seemed like a natural progression to undertake a carpentry apprenticeship with McNab and learn more about building methods and materials,” he said.
Steven’s architecture background has given him a solid platform of knowledge which is already opening up new opportunities for him.
He is currently helping to oversee the internal fit-out of a residential unit development by drawing on his design skills.
Steven said his apprenticeship had exceeded his expectations.  
“I started my apprenticeship with the intention of returning to be an architect, but I’ve really enjoyed carpentry and I think I’d now like to pursue this pathway.
“It’s very satisfying to be able to complete a job and hand it over to a happy client.
“I’m keen to become a builder and then eventually have my own company which offers services from design through to building. 
Steve’s supervisor Elliot MacLeod said he is proud of Steve and his motivation to succeed in the industry. 
“Steve is a driven guy and is self-motivated to develop his skills as a tradesperson, all attributes that make him a great asset to our company.
“One of our Construction Managers was a past McNab apprentice, so with Steve’s attitude combined with our structured apprenticeship program, who knows where Steve could find himself in the future.”
CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said Steven was a great example of someone who had found a fulfilling career in construction.
“The construction industry is not just about hammers and nails,” he said.
“It’s a dynamic, fast paced industry which suits those who enjoy problem solving and can think outside the box,” he said.
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