The Urban Development Institute of Australia (Qld) Research Foundation, proudly presented by CSQ, has launched its first report which shows Queensland’s property market is finally coming back into genuine, long-term recovery.
Prepared by The National Property Research Company, the Industry Insights ReportA localised snapshot of the new development sector across Queensland, has gathered market intelligence from those who know the industry best – real estate agents and developers across 13 local government areas.
The Report shows that industry views the recent improvement in sales data and increase in demand as part of a longer-term, upward trend, not just another short term upturn.
Brett Gillan, UDIA (Qld) President, said the Queensland property market, which has been floundering since the GFC struck, is finally coming back into genuine, long-term recovery.
“While real estate data has shown intermittent periods of growth over the last few years, there have been a number of false starts and a real recovery in the market hasn’t resulted. This is now changing”, he said.
“Developers and agents are on the same page about the market over the next six months, and while there are some small regional differences, it’s a positive outlook overall,” Mr Gillan said.
CSQ's CEO Brett Schimming said "The housing and construction industry is one of the most important economic drivers and indicators, the more we know the better we can plan housing developments and ensure we have the right skills and training in place to meet future needs." 
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