After just two years in operation Caboolture based training organisation Orbus3 is breaking new ground with training software tailored for the civil construction industry.

Orbus3 have been gaining attention for their training programs and their use of technology in education, delivering modules online and offline instead of using traditional hardcopy workbooks.

The company was named as the Registered Training Organisation of the Year at the 2015 CSQ Excellence Awards.

Founded by Aidan Leonard and Mal Phelan, they saw an opportunity to bring innovation to the sector and set out to build a company that would do things differently.

Aidan says the custom built software allows trainees to access their training materials on iPads, removing the need for excessive paperwork.

“Since the beginning, we have forcused on building a culture of innovation. Through our digital platform, we can track each of our students to see exactly how they are progressing,” he said.

“Our students have access to all their training modules and learning materials online and offline, using our Smart Mobile Learning platform. This allows students to learn when, where and how they want with instant feedback from their trainers.”

The move to a digital platform has been particularly helpful in delivering training in remote areas.

Developing the training software is an ongoing process for Aidan and the team at Orbus3, requiring extensive planning and continual improvements.

The hard work is now paying off however, and their Smart Mobile Learning platform has been adapted for a range of training applications.

Aidan says the company made a decision to exclusively adopt Apple technology in their training due to ease of use by both older and younger generations.

“Even people who had never used an iPad quickly grow accustomed to the software,” he said.

Bonelli Group Training Manager John Bell, whose team of apprentices and trainees have adopted Orbus3’s training software, said the company was “committed to providing the best training experience for employees.”

John added that “As civil construction specialists, we are dedicated to breaking new ground and staying at the cutting edge of the industry. We recognise that building a skilled and innovative workforce begins with high quality training and Orbus3 have helped us to take our training to the next level, allowing our employees to receive training anywhere, at any time.”

Having worked in management roles in various industries since he was 23 years old, Aidan knows the importance of working as a team and always looks to apply four core values –  honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect. And he adds to those the Orbus3 primary business drivers of efficiency and effectiveness.

“We have been continually growing our market share over the past two years, so we know we’re doing something right but are very mindful that there are always more opportunities to innovate and improve services for our very valued clients."