A new mobile training facility is changing the way training is being delivered in the regions. The Painters Training Wheels is a custom designed truck providing an innovative training solution for apprentices in remote areas.

Aussie Painters Network, in partnership with Australian Consolidated Training have recently started delivering unique onsite training never before seen in the painting industry, using a truck that is fitted out to provide basic training and assessment in a simulated workplace environment.

The truck has been designed to bring the assessment to the apprentice, offering a convenient, cost effective way for employers to put their apprentices through the required training. It also gives employers the chance to observe the assessments, so they can be confident in the quality of the training and the skills of their apprentice.  Most apprentice competencies can be assessed on the truck, including wall papering, and decorative finishes.

Nigel Gorman from Aussie Painter Network says it’s a win-win for apprentices and employers. “We think it’s a game changer and we’ve had a lot of interest in the truck, both here and overseas”, he said.  

“In remote areas apprentices often have to travel a long way to complete their training. With Painters Training Wheels, we can streamline the whole process and greatly reduce hours of ‘off the job’ while still delivering a high quality learning experience.”

The training means employers no longer need to operate short-staffed when their apprentice is away doing block training – using the truck, competencies can be completed anywhere, anytime. This flexibility saves employers time and money.

“We cover all of Queensland and currently have over 90 apprentices training with us on the truck. By delivering a maximum of two assessment units at a time, we make our site visits really count.  This new training option means taking on an apprentice is more affordable, especially for the smaller companies, and has been designed to complement online study for the Certificate III in Painting,” says Nigel.

Employers are getting involved in the training too, and they often put through other team members at the same time, bringing everyone up to speed with the latest tools, techniques and information.

“We deliver training to the highest standards, and we video the students to ensure there is good evidence to show they are competent. We want to set the benchmark for what industry needs to achieve,” says Nigel.

The truck is sponsored by Taubmans and the Australian Brushware Corporation and is proving so popular that a second one is in the planning.

Look out for the Painters Training Wheels truck, it will be popping up at sites, events and paint stores across Queensland.