Today the Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, announced the successful organisations that will form the new Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (the Apprenticeship Network).
The Apprenticeship Network will make it easier for employers to recruit, train and retain apprentices and trainees with the ultimate aim of improving Australian Apprenticeships completion rates.
The Apprenticeship Network introduces innovative new targeted services which will deliver tailored advice and support to Australian Apprentices and employers who need additional assistance prior to sign-up and in-training.
Employers will receive more efficient help in navigating the apprenticeships system while individuals will be better assisted to complete their training.
Improving completion rates means more Australians will get to realise the full benefits of an apprenticeship, and the rewarding careers that come as a result.
Eleven organisations make up the new Apprenticeship Network with services being delivered through more than 280 network provider sites. Strong coverage will also be achieved in rural and remote areas via outreach servicing arrangements in an additional 160 locations.

Existing Australian Apprenticeships Centres will be replaced with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (the Apprenticeship Network) from 1 July 2015. 

The new service will be available to employers and apprentices throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle, from commencement to completion and will include the provision of two service types including:
  • Universal services for all clients, providing essential administrative, payment processing and regular contact; and
  • Targeted services for employers and individuals assessed as needing additional support to complete the apprenticeship.
The successful providers delivering in Queensland include:
MRAEL Group¹ (including the Torres Strait Islands)
Chambers Apprenticeship Support Australia Pty Limited
MEGT (Australia) Ltd
The Busy Group²

¹MRAEL consortium members are:
• MRAEL; and
• Enterprise Management Group Pty Ltd.
2 The Busy Group consortium members are:
• The Busy Group Ltd; and
• Skill360 Australia Limited.

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