The Commonwealth Government has committed to produce, working with the States and Territories, a White Paper on the Reform of the Federation.

The discussion paper on the Reform of the Federation was released last week. It is available here together with previously released issues papers.

Some key options explored in the paper include reforms to education, with a focus on reform options for achieving a better VET system by clarifying accountability within the system. 

The options include making one level of government – either Commonwealth or States/Territories – wholly responsible for funding, policy, regulation and service delivery; focussing the Commonwealth on providing incentives to employers and individuals to help undertake priority training with States/Territories responsible for all other aspects of the VET system; or a new national framework for sharing and coordinating roles across Commonwealth and States/Territories.

The White Paper was originally scheduled to be released in 2015 but timeframes have now been revised and it will be released sometime in 2016.