Queenslanders are renovating their homes in large numbers, with more than 57,000 renovations at an average cost of $33,000 each for the 2014-15 financial year.
Master Builders deputy executive director Paul Bidwell said such was the enthusiasm for renovations that some builders had more work than they could handle – particularly in South-East Queensland.
“Across the state, renovation activity is patchy, and while SEQ is doing well, there are plenty of builders who are looking for work especially in the regions,” Mr Bidwell said.
Mr Bidwell said even the larger domestic builders were chasing alterations and additions because that was where the work lay.
“The move towards renovations has been helped along by record low interest rates,” he said.
“Overall renovations have been trending up, with an increase of more than 5,000 renovations since last financial year.”
However, the average cost of projects has remained fairly stable, with the average dollar value hovering around the $30,000’s since 2009.
The most in demand trades are carpenters, tilers, bricklayers and concreters.

From Master Builders