Recent graduates from CSQ’s Doorways 2 Construction and Doorways 2 Civil Construction program are looking for employers so they can take the next step up the career ladder.

A total of 232 (Year 12) school leavers from across Queensland have recently completed the Doorways programs to gain a general introduction to the construction industry.

CSQ’s CEO Brett Schimming said the school leavers are keen to start their careers in the building and construction industry.

“These graduates are great candidates for apprenticeships or traineeships in the construction sector as they have a solid foundation of skills and experience built up through time in the Commercial, Domestic & Industrial construction sector as part of their training”, he said.

“And with approximately 48% of the graduates from regional Queensland you may have a potential apprentice or trainee in your local area.”

“If you are considering taking on a new apprentice, our D2C graduates are the best place to start, and if you sign on one of our graduates you may be eligible for CSQ’s $4,000 pre-apprenticeship incentive. On top of this you could also receive an additional $6,000 incentive from the Queensland government through the Apprenticeship Pledge.”  

D2C graduate John Woodrow said the program helped him to gain experience in various trades as well as a broad range of training while still at school.

“D2C gave me a great head start and meant I walked out of school and straight into a trade that I knew I was suited to.”

The D2C and D2CC programs offer a pathway into the building and construction industry, providing students with valuable on-the-job experience through Structured Workplace Learning, a recognised qualification in construction and a PPE Kit.

If you are an employer looking for a new apprentice or trainee call CSQ for more information about our D2C graduates on 1800 798 488.