Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) has six top tips to provide some assistance to career seekers to find a rewarding start to a career.

  1. Don’t just consider the popular trades

    It is important to find a trade that matches your abilities and your interests. With over 70 different trades in the construction industry, it’s worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with all of them. The Queensland Skills Gateway website is a great place to start if you are looking to find out more about career options.

  2. Do your research

    Do some research to understand what is involved in the apprenticeship before entering a Training Contract with an employer. Find out how long the apprenticeship will be, what the probation period is, the award rate you will be paid and any funding you may be eligible for. Understand your obligations as an apprentice and the benefits you are entitled to.

  3. Talk to people in the industry

    According to CSQ’s CEO Brett Schimming, the best way to enter the construction industry is to start networking by calling local trade businesses in your area.
    “We know that many employers don’t advertise their vacancies and often rely on their networks, friends and family.
    “Employers will often take a chance on a motivated and proactive individual who approaches them for an apprenticeship to find the next generation of workers in their business,” said Mr Schimming.

  4. Write a job seeking plan

    Once you have decided which trade pathway is right for you, it is important to make a job-seeking plan mapping out potential employers and current job vacancies.
    “Having a clear direction of where you want to go will ensure you stay motivated,” said Mr Schimming.
    “There are a myriad of stakeholders out there to assist job ready career seekers to find their dream apprenticeship or traineeship. The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network offer career information and often have current vacancies for apprenticeship positions across Queensland.”

  5. Look at pre-trade training programs

    If you feel like you need more experience in construction or would like to gain a better understanding of the industry, CSQ offers pre-trade programs such as Trade Start. The program is designed for those who have already left school and provides a mix of theory and real world experience. Programs like Trade Start can provide the ideal platform to launch a construction career.

  6. Update your resume

    Ensure that your resume is relevant, up-to-date, and highlights all skills, training and experiences that would be useful for the position you are interested in. Prepare a covering letter to include with your resume that explains why you want to work in the construction industry and outlines your relevant experience.
    “Employers are looking for candidates that have a realistic expectation of the job they are seeking to commence,” said Mr Schimming.
    “Including information in your resume like work experience regardless of the industry it was undertaken in can be critical to a successful job search.”