Research has identified the construction industry as the number one industry with businesses at risk of default within the next twelve months, and Queensland is identified as the second highest State at risk of potential defaults.

CSQ recently put forward to the Department of Housing and Public Works a submission on their Security of Payment Discussion Paper. This is a topic that was discussed during our recent ATP industry consultations and has been on the agenda of government for some time.

As an organisation dedicated to training and skilling, CSQ focused on a submission that provided information and recommendations to Option 5 – Education.

CSQ has recommended that the Department of Housing and Public Works:

  • Undertake further research into the successes of education programs and CPD models in other industries.
  • Implements an Education Program that builds upon and improves the existing pathways, ensuring individuals can engage in a way that suits them.
  • Includes an Education Program as part of an incentivised CPD program (should a CPD program be implemented).

We also highlighted opportunities for further skills development through various avenues including CSQ programs that specifically target business, financial and risk skills (Higher Level Skills programs and short courses).

We hope this this review will lead to improved security of payment for our Queensland subcontractors. The findings are currently being reviewed by Government, check here for future updates.