At seventeen years old Chris Duff has his whole future ahead of him, and that future is plumbing.

A student at Stanthorpe State High School, he has just started an apprenticeship with a local company MWF Plumbing.

“Although I knew I didn’t want to go to university, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. Through the Doorways 2 Construction program at school we had the chance to try four different trades during four weeks of work experience. I tried electrical, plumbing and carpentry and really enjoyed the hands-on part of it.”

“It was a chance to experience a few different trades, and I ended up doing 9 weeks of work experience in total. Then one of the companies I worked with rang to ask if I wanted to start a plumbing apprenticeship with them.”

“It was a great opportunity so I said yes, and I’ve been working with them two days a week and going to school the other three days, but now I’m about to start working full time.

“I really enjoy it and I’ve been learning lots of new things.”

Chris did so well juggling school and his work commitments that he was presented with the Dux of the School for Vocational Education along with the school’s Construction Award.

“I have a couple of friends who are also doing trades, I think it’s a good industry to get you started with a career.”

“You really have to make the most of work experience, have a go, ask questions and show you want to learn.”

Sounds like Chris has a great career in the pipeline!