James Fallon went to trade school to fast track his plumbing career, and says it was the best decision he could have made for his future…

 “I changed schools so I could attend a trade school, instead of learning my plumbing trade one day a week, I did two months of work experience for every month at school.”

“I enrolled at the Australian Industry Trade College on the Gold Coast and it gave me a great head start because I fast tracked my training. Everything is trade focused, and you do work experience until you get signed up for an apprenticeship. I ended up with two years of experience by the time I graduated Year 12.”

“When I graduated I went straight into fulltime work with the same company I did my work experience with, OS Plumbing. I love it there, all the people are great teachers, they all want to sit down and teach me.”

“The thing I like the most about plumbing is the problem solving that’s needed. You have to think for yourself and figure out how to work around things. No job is exactly the same, and I like going to different sites every day.”

“Maintenance work is my favourite job, it’s very different and you come across old styles of work that were all done differently, so you have to figure out how to adapt it.”

“I’m glad I did my time at trade school and I really recommend it as a way to get ahead.”