We would like to introduce our new Directors who recently joined the team here at CSQ, Lauren Cary our new Director of Strategic Relationships and Robert Sobyra our Director of Evidence and Data.

Lauren Cary, Director of Strategic Relationships

CSQ’s new Director of Strategic Relationships, Lauren Cary, will be building and managing CSQ’s strategic relationships, connecting with industry and stakeholders and keeping up to date with industry skills and training needs.

With more than 10 years’ experience Lauren has worked across professional services and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sectors, raising market awareness, and driving client acquisition and retention. 

Lauren joins us from her former role as Associate Director, Client Development and Marketing at AECOM.

In her previous role, Lauren was responsible for client account management and feedback programs within AECOM, escalating client voice within the organisation so teams could better understand and meet client expectations.

Lauren was responsible for managing the marketing operations function, and leading initiatives for Queensland and prior to that, Water and Infrastructure Services across ANZ’s five regions.

Committed to personal and professional development, Lauren sat on the APSMA (Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association) Committee for Queensland for 5 years.

Robert Sobyra, Director of Evidence and Data

CSQ’s new Director of Evidence and Data, Robert Sobyra, is responsible for building up baseline evidence to inform strategic decision-making and investment. CSQ’s Evidence & Data team are keeping the building and construction industry up-to-date on the latest skills requirements and trends, focusing CSQ’s training initiatives where they are needed most.

With a background in the Commonwealth and NSW governments, Robert has worked on some of the country’s most challenging policy issues. He brings a depth of expertise across strategy, evidence and systems. Robert’s experience spans enterprise architecture, data analytics, systems design and strategic risk analysis.

Welcome to the team!