It’s amazing how much can change in a week.

For Year 12 Cairns student, Nick Doherty-Fisher, a week of work experience in his September holidays helped him learn more about surveying than he expected, giving him the confidence to pursue a career in the industry next year.

As part of the Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP), delivered by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), Nick undertook a work placement with Brazier Motti.

Nick was hoping to gain an overview of what being a surveyor involves by spending time observing qualified surveyors for the week but was surprised by how ‘hands on’ his experience was.

“I thought that I would be doing more watching but, instead, I got to use all of the equipment and was involved in doing all of the same tasks that my colleagues for the week were doing,” he said.

“The activity that I enjoyed doing the most from the week was learning how to use the software and the equipment – it was interesting to see how the software interacts with the instruments used and learning about how it all works.

“This helped my career decision making process because by doing a weeks’ work experience, I was able to decide whether or not I wanted to continue along the path of working in the surveying industry,” he said.
Brazier Motti were so impressed with Nick’s natural fit for surveying and general work ethic that he was offered a permanent job with them next year.

He has decided to take up the offer and will join the Brazier Motti team in January 2019. He has also applied to do a Bachelor of Spatial Science (Honours, Surveying), which will allow him to work his way up to become a certified surveyor.

St Andrew’s Catholic College VET Coordinator, Kevin Collins, said the GISP program was a great help to students like Kevin.

“We were fortunate this year to be approached by CSQ to be part of the GISP – Construction program – an opportunity to connect interested students from our College with para-professionals from the construction industry,” he said.

“Nick had an awesome week working with experienced surveyors in the field doing practical work.

“He now has a clear goal of where he wants to go in the future and is excited to commence in this exciting industry.”

A Queensland Government initiative, GISP is a school-based, industry-supported program specifically designed to engage students with career pathways and opportunities in the construction industry.

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