School students & career seekers

What can CSQ do for you?

If you’re a career seeker or a career changer looking to work in Queensland’s building and construction industry, CSQ can help point you in the right direction.

When you choose a career in building and construction, you’re joining an industry that plays a massive role in Queensland’s development. As one of of the biggest contributors to our economy, you can be part of something big.
The industry is the perfect place to build your career and there’s so much to like!

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Many career options to choose from

With over 70 careers in construction across general and civil construction, and with a range of trade, para-professional and professional pathways, there’s sure to be one that’s just right for you. If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, Australian Apprenticeships Pathways and Apprenticeships Info have great information available to help you get started in the building and construction industry. We also have a a list of 70 careers in construction to help you see what’s available and to help you find your ideal career path.

How does CSQ support careers in construction?

CSQ funds a variety of programs to assist those looking for a start in the building and construction industry.
To discover all the other CSQ funded programs, eligibility and courses available in your location – for new and existing building and construction industry workers and employers please use our Course Selector Tool.

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Can CSQ help you find a job?

CSQ does not provide job search or employment assistance. However, we have a number of useful links and phone numbers that can connect you with job search websites.