From July, landfill operators (local councils and private businesses) with be charged a new Queensland Waste Levy for waste going to landfill.

A range of free resources and training options are being offered to prepare businesses for the impending levy.

Construction waste will likely be subject to the waste levy at the point of disposal, except where construction waste is “exempt waste”, such as asbestos-contaminated waste and dredge spoil, which would be subject to other legislative disposal requirements, or clean earth.

The levy will be charged initially at $70/tonne, with a higher rate of up to $150/tonne on regulated waste (e.g. asbestos, white goods and architectural and decorative paints). The levy rate will increase by $5 each year over the next four years.

Landfill operators will make a business decision on if/how the levy will be passed on to customers.


Free levy readiness training

Free Levy Readiness Training sessions are being run in May and June by Mandalay Technologies in collaboration with local councils across Queensland:

CSQ partner Supply Chain Sustainability School is also offering a free 1-hour e-Learning module providing an overview of waste impacts in the construction sector and various waste mitigation and cost saving measures.

Need more information about the levy? The Queensland Government has produced an easy to follow guide for businesses ahead of the introduction of the levy and more information is available here.