Hutchies is kicking worksite stereotypes to the kerb and winning awards for its 5-year-old program, ‘Statim Yaga’, which translates into ‘start-work’!

In 2012, Hutchinson Builders engaged a dedicated Indigenous specialist to introduce the program to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

CSQ has been supporting Hutchinson Builders through its Diversity program since 2013, and acknowledges Hutchies’ role as a leader in Indigenous participation for the building and construction sector.

The latest award to be won by the Statim Yaga program is the 2020 Reconciliation Award (business category), for its focus on Indigenous training and employment.

The Queensland Reconciliation Awards is an initiative of the Queensland Government through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships.

The program respectfully supports the development and career progression of individuals, as well as supporting opportunities for Indigenous businesses to be part of the Hutchies supply chain.

Hutchies National Indigenous Manager, Mark Kucks, explains that the program has been in the works since 2012 and embodies the Hutchies attitude: “We didn’t want to say what we were ‘going to do’, we wanted to say ‘this is what we are doing’.”

“Our goal is to keep building on what we have done so far.”

“To say that we have put 425 Indigenous people into construction careers since 2015 and that we’ve contracted Indigenous businesses in excess of $30m, is enormous.”

Hutchies hasn’t even scratched the surface with this program; working to create a ‘new normal’ where involvement of Indigenous Australians no longer needs special polices, targets or quotas within the construction industry.

Promoting Indigenous participation in the industry is a key motivation for CSQ. An Indigenous worker is one third more likely to be in the construction industry than any other sector.

However, there is still room for improvement to increase diversity and reduce the wage gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous workers.

Mark agrees the construction industry still has some way to go.

“Discrimination for marginalised groups such as Indigenous Australians and women is still rife and unless we step up and do something about it, our industry will never mature.”

By providing opportunities, creating awareness, acknowledging important dates/events and on-site culture celebrations, Indigenous communities are praised and supported at Hutchies!

Leading the way, Hutchies has been asked to provide advice and support to the government, developers, industry peers and communities that they work in. This was key to winning the 2020 Reconciliation Award.

Nonetheless, Mark advises “we still feel we are learning and growing every day!”

CSQ would like to congratulate Hutchies, keep up the awesome work!