CSQ’s industry engagement team meet a lot of interesting and talented people who have benefited from CSQ-funded training. Meet Zac, the 20-year-old who kickstarted his career with CSQ’s Apprentice Advance program. 

Recently, Brent and Sean visited Mackay where they met with leading Australian construction company, CPB Contractors, and were introduced to 20-year-old Zac Johnson.

Zac uses CSQ’s Apprentice Advance program and has completed several CSQ-funded courses that he discovered he needed to perform his job.

Mackay born and bred, Zac says “I had never worked in the industry before and heard about the traineeship opportunity through my dad’s mate (a plant manager at CPB), put my resume in and luckily got the job!”

Safety Coordinator at CPB Contractors, Julie Hanon tells “We wanted to give a few of the local young kids a go in the industry.”

“Zac completed his Cert III in Civil Construction and, outside of his traineeship, he has been very proactive in getting tickets such as his Skid Steer qualification. Thanks to CSQ, he hasn’t spent a cent!”

Beginning his traineeship through Busyatwork in March 2020, Zac says: “The work culture is great; the team is a really good bunch of people to work with.”

CPB Contractors and CSQ’s relationship began in Mackay in 2018 when ex-Industry Engagement manager (and CSQ legend) Bruce Fyfe engaged with staff on the Mackay Ring Road project being delivered by the major contractor.

Julie tells “We use CSQ funding for major projects to help trainees obtain and maintain their jobs.

”We have had a fabulous relationship with CSQ since the first WorldSkills Try’aSkill event at the Ring Road Project.”

Because of Mackay’s mining background, Julie says they have a lot of people come through with experience but no tickets, “this is where we introduce them to CSQ’s funded training.”

“We need to make people aware of this funding, to push for the younger generations to be aware of what they can and cannot do with this amazing facility!”

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