Hard work? Two words. NIGHT SHIFT.

The 24-year-old is 1 of 15 women starting their ‘workday’ at 6pm and finishing at 4.30am (!) as part of their Trade Start Civil work placement with Roadtek.

The CSQ’s Trade Start Civil program provides a mix of classroom- learning with 160 hours of structured work placement that creates valuable industry connections for participants.

Sianee is currently working at Logan Road in Batter remedial works and says she is “100% going to try my hardest to turn this into a career!”

“You never realise how much actually goes on behind the scenes in civil construction work, but this experience has helped me so much; the blokes have so much knowledge to pass on – they are great teachers.”

“This experience has opened my eyes. I constantly get asked when I tell other about my job ‘what do you actually do in civil construction?’ Now I can answer those questions.”

In the picture, Sianee is filling gaps inside a drain where the headwall meets the drainpipe with mortar – one of many interesting tasks she has experienced in this program.

Keep up the great work girls, CSQ is looking forward to seeing you around in the construction industry in years to come.

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