Rachael Laurie works at Joe Wagner Group (JWG) as their HR & Training Coordinator. However, this was not always the case. Coming from a medical administration background, Rachael was hired at JWGs in 2018 as a receptionist. The construction industry was very new for Rachael then but she is now ‘hooked on training’ after moving into her new role.

Rachael has completed the likes of Cert III of Business and Business Administration, Cert IV Work Health and Safety & New Small Business, CPR & First Aid, along with multiple short courses and certificates.

Rachael took full advantage of CSQ-funded training and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“Anything I can get my hands on!”, Rachael answered when we asked if she was interested in more upskilling.

“I love learning new things, not only for my own development but also for what it enables me to contribute to the company and to my fellow workmates.”

“This training has given me the confidence to move into my new role and has equipped me to develop new plans and ideas to grow with the company.”

Rachael recognizes that training has provided her with opportunities and challenges that she may not have come across before.

“By completing training courses, I have been able to upskill from my reception position into the full-time role of HR & Training Coordinator, while also assisting on site as a safety advisor.”

JWG is an employer of choice and upholds an outstanding reputation in the Civil Construction Industry because of the company’s strong training policy.

Rachael advises that; “JWG has a fantastic attitude towards training and is very open to providing upskilling to all their staff. They offer support, assistance, and mentoring in your chosen field.”

“The result of this is we are able to have multi-skilled operators and field staff working on projects, and industry leaders as part of our team.”

Investing in staff training broadcasts the message that JWG is committed to the longevity of their staff’s employment, which is something Rachael really appreciates.

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