In all aspects of Matt Ahlberg’s career is a clear drive to help others be the best they can be. As Leadership and Development Manager for FKG Group, Matt strives to continue the company’s strong history of training and development of construction workers. Matt uses his master’s degree in psychology and a long association with the construction industry to help people succeed in their goals and work towards good mental health. We sat down with Matt to chat about what drew him to the construction industry, and what drives him to help others.

How long have you been working in construction training?

I have been in the construction training space for the last nine years but have a long connection to the construction industry. My Grandad, Dad, Uncle, and cousins have all been involved in the industry and I started out working on construction sites on school holidays as a casual job.

I went to QUT to study Construction Management initially and studied with several of the people I work with today. I realised back then, that the people and development side was of more interest to me, so I took a different path and ended up back in the industry years later.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

I get to work with a lot of different people across the breadth of our business which keeps things really interesting. Mostly, what I find rewarding is helping to solve problems. I love to work with people to help them and the business achieve amazing results.

I am lucky enough to have seen our business go from strength to strength and to see that that has been driven by having great people who work hard, develop, and grow with the business.

What are you most passionate about, outside of the industry?

I am a practicing psychologist and so, out of hours, I still do some work with athletes, performers, and people in the corporate space to help them perform at their peak and reach their goals. As a result, I am particularly passionate about mental health both in the sense of raising awareness around mental health challenges like depression and anxiety, but also in the sense of finding ways to be as mentally healthy as possible.

What role do you see CSQ taking in the industry?

CSQ has played a stronger and stronger role every year. They continue to advocate for the learning and development of the industry and its workers, and I think they deserve a lot of credit for the learning culture that we are seeing in the industry. Because they work so closely with people at the coal face and understand our industry so well, they support ideas and initiatives which have seen ongoing professional development become the norm.

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