Paul Fullwood has a passion for people and bees! Currently the HSE & HR Manager at Alder Constructions, Paul is highly regarded by his collegues as someone who always makes time for others and can be relied on for fresh honey from time to time (the fruits of his beekeeping labour). 

We sat down with Paul to chat about some of the changes he’s seen over his career in construction and his advice for people wanting to break into the industry.

How long have you been in the construction industry and what are some changes you’ve noticed over that time?

I’ve been in the construction industry for close to 20 years so there’s been a few changes over that time!

A few things:

  • The digital transformation – no more paper communication or record keeping.
  • The M1 – we used to see the daily migration of tradies to Brisbane each day for work, but now the M1 is busy in BOTH directions, indicative of the sustained growth in South East Queensland, and
  • Increased awareness of the connection and responsibility we have to the community and the greater marketplace and social framework. The pandemic demonstrated the strength and resilience of the construction industry during tough times.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the construction industry?

Be prepared to work hard, because the rewards are there if you do, in terms of remuneration, job diversity, skills development and working environment (who doesn’t love to work in the Queensland outdoors).

Take a leap, you can guarantee that where you start is not where you will finish. You can make an impact.

Do you feel like CSQ has much of an impact on construction industry?

Absolutely it has… CSQ has evolved over the years and is now delivering a strong message that competencies and skills are vital to our industry’s future. CSQ has helped shape pathways and growth opportunities for industry employees at all stages of their careers.

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