Brisbane Construction Worker Expands Father-Son Landscaping Business.

After starting his landscaping business Unique Landscaping and Supplies in Wakerley in 2018, Steven Livingstone has spent the past 2 years honing his skills as a landscaper and building a strong customer base in Brisbane.

But without his trade contractors license, Steven couldn’t expand his company. With support of Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), Steven has recently undertaken a Certificate III in Landscape Construction through the CSQ RPL and gap-training process, in addition to three civil short courses and the CSQ general construction short course to obtain his contractors license.

“I have had my landscaping business for some time, but without my contractors license I haven’t been able to grow the company how I’d like to, especially while trying to maintain the business,” Steven said.

“CSQ provided me an opportunity to gain my license through training courses that I was able to complete around my landscaping work through a combination of face-to-face training and distance learning.”

Since obtaining his contractor’s license Steven has expanded his business and hired both a casual landscaper and an apprentice.

“Now that I have been able to undertake the training course and obtain my license with the support of CSQ, I’ve been able to take on my son as an apprentice in the business, and also hire an additional employee to support me,” Steven said.

Sharna Bradley, Director at Gold Coast Trades College, said Steven was a perfect example of how an individual can help to touch on the lives of others and benefit the landscaping industry with the right support.

“With the support from CSQ, Steven has been able to set his son up with an apprenticeship, and the opportunity to take over what is now the family business in the future,” Sharna said.

“Steven’s training has helped him build a business to support his family now and into the future, while also allowing him to contribute to an increase in apprenticeship numbers in Queensland. His efforts are truly admirable, and an important example for our upcoming tradespeople.”

Steven has started to expand his business with his new landscaper and apprentice, he plans to continue to grow his business and complete a Cert IV in Building later this year.

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