Kevin Walker is a man on a mission.

A lot has changed since Kevin (57) started in the construction industry and he has made it his mission to be part of this change for good.

Kevin remembers starting in 1980 and says “in those days, we were just expected to get the job done, regardless of if the site or methods were safe or not.”

“I remember in the late 1980s laying bricks while standing on a 44-gallon drum!”

Kevin also spent some time working in mining, which was very safety-focused and had a big influence on him.

He took this attention to safety into his next construction job and says that ‘even though the attitude toward safety in the construction industry hadn’t changed, mine had’.

Kevin’s passion for safety in the workplace led him to further his education and obtaining a formal qualification.

After coming across an ad on Facebook for CSQ’s training subsidy, Workplace Dimension, Kevin was sold!

“The program subsidy’s from CSQ made all the difference and made completing this course possible, and now everyone on-site benefits from the knowledge and skill I have.”

“I’ve now got the skills to have powerful conversations that engage people to think for themselves about what they’re doing and how they do it and to come up with solutions that make the work and environment safer.”

Now that Kevin can explain the legal side and implement it on-site by sharing stories, he says that it ‘makes the safety message come alive’.

“Having the subsidy available takes away a big financial barrier to doing the course and I am recommending more of our people get this knowledge – take the opportunity of CSQ funding.”

Well done Kevin, safety first!

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