In 4 short years, Gold Coast-based Kai Konstruct has grown from a 2 staff operation to beating out big names for industry awards. The young company recently claimed numerous awards at the Master Builders Queensland Housing and Construction Awards.

Kai Konstruct was founded in 2017 with just two employees, but quickly made a name for itself and is now constructing high-end architecture homes and unique builds with 10 staff. Kai Konstruct are now known for their culture, and the people within the company are a key contributor to their success and commitment to personal and professional development.

While it is not compulsory to have certain tertiary education at Kai Konstruct, it is most definitely encouraged. CSQ spoke with Tara Hogan, Estimator at the company, she shares her insights.

“As participants in one of Australia’s biggest industries, we have the responsibility to train and nurture not only current but future trades and industry professions.”

Tara saw a gap in what the company needed to level up with training when she came on board with Kai Konstruct in 2019. Her long-standing relationship with CSQ Regional Engagement Manager, Bec Hyssett is how the company first learned of CSQ funding for courses.

Tara says, “CSQ made bridging that gap painless. I was fortunate to receive CSQ funding for courses external to my time here and always found the system easy to navigate.

Our team is always on the trigger to what courses are being released and who would benefit from the funding.”

Kai Konstruct has four team members who have completed training with the help of CSQ. From their first-year apprentice, Steve, who is undertaking his Diploma of Construction to Site Supervisor, Jamie, who has completed his Cert IV in preparation for his Builders Licence. The Kai Konstruct team understands the value of upskilling and takes it upon themselves to take action.

Tara says, “There is something very powerful in giving people the tools to learn and further themselves which shows in their work.

Not to mention, now when someone graduates, we celebrate the big achievement in completing courses especially when working and studying bilaterally.”

As the company’s project scope evolves, so do its requirements for alternative skillsets.

The onsite crew plans to undertake Skid Steers and machine training early this year and the Office Manager is looking towards alternate para-professional education.

The company’s aspirations include “To have the greatest positive impact on the construction industry that raises the standard of residential construction for our client’s across all areas.”

Providing their staff with the tools to learn makes employees great assets to the company and “in turn, Kai Konstruct is proud to represent the staff as individuals too.”

“We would 100% encourage everyone to look into what CSQ has to offer and how they are able to assist your business and its people,” Tara tells.

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